nu funk the band


nu-funk is a unique collaboration between three artists from different ends of the musical spectrum. A tribal fusion of biology and technology.

Manu el Santero (flamenco and electric guitar, bass, various percussion and vocals) has his roots in the Andalucian flamenco scene and has played around Europe and in the US. He has also played with artists from different styles. Nu-funk is his first venture as a musician into a more electronic dance area.

dj loopez (vocals, samples and production) has a circus heritage, coming from a long line of UK performing artists. As a dj he played trance techno. He has extensive recording, engineering and production experience.

Paul Vedant (keyboards, guitar, bass, drum programming, vocals and production) came through folk, country, gospel, pop, ambient, and played in various bands in the Australian alternative scene, including Box the Jesuit and The Bird Dissolves in the early 90s. More recently he has explored the electronic dance scene.

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